Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Recycling Awareness!!!!!

I learned a lot about the 4 R's, at first i really did not find any interest in my self but now i really care about our environment because i know why its important to have a nice and clean environment. It is very important to learn about recycling and to get mere involved because when you learn about something , it will change your way of thinking. I also learned that it is not hard at all to make our environment a better place.
I usually practice the 4 R's at home but now i know how i can improve better. From now on im going to put a trash can in every room of my house so we wont get lazy, and if we do we will have the trash can very close to us. I will also talk to my family and tell them how we can improve our recycling ways and how it will be better.
We can also improve recycling at school all we have to do is talk to the school and to our classmates, we can also talk to the principal about putting more recycling bins out side and inside of our class rooms. By the end of the year our school should be cleaner. We will have a cleaner school very soon!!!!!!
For more information on recycling go to this website: http://www.stopwaste.org

Davis Street Transfer Canter..

The Davis Street Transfer Center is a very cool and interesting place, it’s a waste treatment facility that serves 20 Bay Area cities. The facilities goal is to divert 75% of municipal trash away from landfills and into recyclable materials. You can recycle plastic and bottles, you can also recycle wood into garden mulch that is what fertilizes the ground. You can also recycle electronics!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Composting at THS Farm!

Composting is very fun, our CMMA class created a compost pile. A compost pile can help our environment in a lot of good ways for example, instead of throwing all the stuff u put in a compost pile you can just put it in the compost pile and the compost pile gets smaller after a couple of days. A compost pile is good for gardens and planting. Composting is cool and fun and very easy, you should try it!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Our CMMA Audit

Our other CMMA class was in charge of doing the Audit, they say it was a nasty cool activity. The activity was to get the school garbage bags and separate everything, they found a lot of items that could be recycled and our school doesn't do it maybe because some people get lazy.

The first thing they did was to weigh the bag , The weight of the bag was 5 to 8 pounds. This the bag they weighed,

After the class dumped the trash in the tarp.

All the class separated the trash in groups of bottles, paper, food and everything else.

After, the class weighed the piles, the bag was about 5 to 8 lbs. bottles were about 2 lbs. the paper was 1 pound, the food was 3 lbs. The food was like about the 60% the paper and the bottles were each 20%.

Classrooms can start recycling more if we had more recycling bins all over the schools and if the school had like meetings about how we can make our school cleaner. The 4R's can be applied a lot by the stuff that was found, for example food we can rot the food or actually even eat it all, and we can reduce by not buying food we are not going to finish. We can also reuse paper like for notes some people throw paper away just because it looks dirty of because it fell in the floor.
Our classes should focus mostly on paper and how we use a lot of paper and we can save it for notes. Our teachers have the power to get stricter and make students recycle and, it can even help the people that work at the Waste Management, they wont have to separate stuff into different piles. We need to think about the trouble we can save them.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Liter Survey

Before lunch the school campus is very clean. some of the students from my class took pictures to so the change of before lunch and after. Their is a very big difference. all of our areas like, the quad, e-hall the grassy area, and the administrative wing are really clean in during 2nd block. their might be a little piece of garbage but its only like a piece or 2.
After lunch it is surprisingly dirty their is garbage all over the floor basically everything e get for lunch is on the floor. the most liter is on the grass where people sit and eat. I chose to describe the grassy area, because it is very nasty and dirty our grass is getting ugly because of that.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The 4 R's At Home

I practice the 4 R's at home everyday. My mom always has 3 bags in the kitchen one for illuminum cans the other for plastic and the other bag for card board boxes, my mom and i reuse a lot, we go to stores that sell used clohing or stuff we need for my house. we reduse a lot too we sell the illuminum cans and get good money out of it. when our 3 bags are packed we take them into the bins the city has for houses.

THS & the 4R's

Tennyson High School students want to be clean. We want everybody to keep our environment clean. The 4' Rs stand for Reduse Reuse Recycle Rot. Many people get lazy and they just throw everything to the garbadge, but u can reduce by not buying stuff you dont need, you can reuse by buying used clothes and supplies, recycling is also really good you also help the waste management they wont have to seperate the garbadge, you can rot at home its good for the plants. SLWRP means Service Learning Waste Reduction Project this program was created to get shools more involved and interested about the 4 R's. Tennyson students need to get more involved becuse the 4 R's will change our environment we live in, not only for us but for everyone. Lets help and make our environment clean!!